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1 and 2 Samuel



  • Samuel ( Written by Samuel or Written to honour Samuel: Not clear)

  • In the Hebrew Bible: 1 and 2 Samuel were one book

  • In the Greek Bible: 1 and 2 Samuel were separated as two books.



  • The author or authors of 1and 2 Samuel are not known

  • The Talmud names Samuel as the author, but this is hardly probable since he dies in chapter 25.


Date Written

  • 1 and 2 Samuel recount the stories of Samuel, Saul and David.

  • Saul reigned between 1050-1030 B.C and 1010 B.C. David reigned between 1010 – 971 B.C.

  • So these were written soon after the end of David’s reign. 960 B.C.



          Hebrew people, all later readers of the Bible



1 Samuel

                   Ancient Israel, Philistia, Moab, Amalek.

          2 Samuel

                   Israel and Judah.


Key Characters

1 Samuel

                   Eli, Hannah, Samuel, Saul, Jonathan and David

          2 Samuel

                   David and his Children ( Absalom, Solomon, Adonijah etc)

Key Verses

          1 Samuel:  1 Samuel 12:24-25; 13:13; 15:22

          2 Samuel:  2 Samuel 7:12-16


General Themes

  • The establishment of David’s Kingdom/Dynasty in Israel than Saul.

  • The establishment of Jerusalem as the place for the worship of the Lord.



  • To highlight the establishment of the monarchy in Israel.

  • To highlight the rise of David to be a King after Soul.

  • To establish the principle that obedience to the word of God as the condition for a king to be acceptable to the God of Israel,

  • To deal with the transitional period in the history of ancient Israel – from Judges to Kings such as Priest Eli to Judge Samuel; Judge Samuel to King Saul and then King Saul to King David.


Theological Themes

          1 Samuel

  • God is King of the universe and always has been.

  • God is the Lord of history and his providential guidance is provided individually and collectively in the history.

  • God is sovereign in his will and power and he chooses and rejects people according to his absolute sovereign will and purpose and at the same time he is merciful and gracious.

2 Samuel

  • Davidic Covenant: God’s covenant with David as his dynasty who fears the Lord to be kings of Israel.

  • Messianic Covenant: God’s covenant with David as the prophetic promise of Messiah to be the everlasting King of the world.



1 Samuel

The Birth of Samuel and His Call.1:1-3:21   

Loss of the Ark to the Philistines and Its Recovery.4:1-7:17  

Selection of Saul and His Reign.8:1-15:35  

Selection of David and the Conflict Between David and Saul.16:1-31:13  


2 Samuel

David Secures the Kingdom over Southern and Northern Tribes.1:1-7:29  

David Extends the Kingdom.8:1-10:19; 12:26-31  

David’s Sin with Bathsheba.11:1-12:25

Absalom’s Revolt Against David.13:1-19:14  

David Re-secures the Kingdom.19:15-24:25  



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