• By Rev. Devadosan Sugirtharaj
  • Posted 04/25/2021


Psalm 105

God’s Blessing on His Covenant People

Rev Dr Devadosan Sugirtharaj



Psalm 105 and 106 are organized together with the purpose of revealing God and Gods people. Psalm 105 tells us Gods faithfulness and power and Psalm 106 tells us the repeated failure and rebellion of Gods people


  1. Call to the People of God to worship and seek the Lord. Psalm.105:1-6
    1. Call to Worship the Lord. Psalm.105:1-3: The psalmist focuses on calling the people of God to worship the Lord with thanksgiving hearts for his great works among them and also having the privilege to ask God for all their needs. He calls them to sing the praises to the Lord to glorify God.
    2.  Call to seek the Lord and remember his works. Psalm.105:4-6: The psalmist invites the people to seek the Lord and his strength. He also invites them to remember his marvellous works which he has done as they are generations of Abraham.


  1. Call to the People of God to Remember Gods care and protection. Psalm.105:7-
    1. Remember Gods care for Israels patriarchs. Psalm.105:7-12: The psalmist invites the people of God to remember the marvellous works of God in the life of patriarchs. He made a covenant with them and also remembered the covenant in their journeys. They remembered his words.
    2. Remember Gods protection over Israels patriarchs. Psalm.105:13-15: In their wandering, the patriarchs journeyed to Egypt and Canaan. In the midst of all their enemies, natures challenges and their needs, God protected them from all and kept them safe. 
    3. Remember Gods care for Israels patriarchs in the days of Joseph. Psalm.105:16-22: In the midst of great famine, God sent Joseph to the land of Egypt in order to care for the people of Israel and provided every need to them through the paths of struggles.
    4. Remember Gods protection over Israel in Egypt. Psalm.105:23-25: When God brought the people of Israel to Egypt, they had to go through difficult times of slavery. However, God protected them to grow and increase greatly in Egypt as envy to the eyes of Egyptians.
    5. Remember Gods care for the people of Israel in the promised land. Psalm.105:26-36: God continued to care for the people of Israel and sent Moses his servant to redeem them from the darkness of slavery by sending the plagues. All plagues were Gods ways of revealing his power to Egyptians as well as the Israelites. Through the Passover, he rescued them from Egypt and brought them out of it.
    6. Remember Gods deliverance from Egypt into the wilderness. Psalm.105:37-41: God brought the people of Israel from the land of Egypt with silver and gold and led them in the wilderness with heavenly Manna and water from the rock and protected them day and night through clouds and fire. 
    7. Remember Gods care in the land of Canaan. Psalm.105:42-45: God was faithful to Israel by fulfilling his promises and filled them with joy and blessings of the nations. The reason for doing it was that they might observe his statutes and laws and praise his name.



As God cares for his people through the history of Israel, he is faithful to continue to care for and protect his people by fulfilling his promises to them so that they may obey his statues and commandments in the word of God.



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